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La Jolie Ronde

La Jolie Ronde

The Year 5 children have been very enthusiastic about embarking on the next stage of their “La Jolie Ronde” journey in French. We use this scheme at SCS from Nursery to Year 5. It allows lessons to be lively and interactive, and enables children to learn visually, aurally and kinaesthetically. The children are quickly picking up lots of new French vocabulary and phrases and putting it all to good use. Lessons have been full of games, songs and rhymes, alongside writing activities, and a new element introduced to these children this year is role-play. We use cue cards to remind the children of the vocabulary they have learnt and they use this to hold a ‘real’ conversation. The focus is on correct pronunciation and fluency.

Alongside this, the children regularly practise French colour and number words. A favourite game in French lessons throughout the school is Lotto. This week, the Year 5 children had to match a colour AND number in order to tick it off. We have focused on numbers 15-20 as these are proving to be more challenging to learn!  Finally, we have also learnt a new song this week, ‘Salut, Bonjour’, which is helping the children to practise simple greetings and questions in French. We have added actions to bring it to life!